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Celebrate Christmas:
Burning Yule Log Cake

This is another project sure to get an oooh and aaah! This is also a good project when studying various Christmas traditions around the world ... not to mention a tasty dessert. You can make this a super easy project by picking up all of the components at a bakery.

Project Ingredients and Supplies:

1 - Jelly roll cake, approximately 8" to 10"
cake plate to display cake on
1 - cup cake
chocolate cake frosting
cake knife for spreading frosting
2 cube-shaped caramel candies
small bottle of peppermint extract


Place jelly roll on the cake plate. Cut the bottom of the cupcake at a 45 degree angle and with a dab of frosting, attach the bottom of the cupcake to one top end of the jelly roll to resemble a a cut off branch. Frost the whole cake with chocolate frosting, texturing the frosting to resemble bark and swirling the two ends to resemble tree rings.

Take the caramels and hold them in your closed hand for a few minutes to soften them. Unwrap them and pull them into a trough like shape almost as long as your "log". Place the caramel trough on the top of the log, making sure the trough walls are high enough to hold several drops of peppermint extract without overflowing or leaking.

Fill the caramel trough about halfway with the peppermint extract and turn off the lights. Ignite the extract with a match and watch the effect. The flames are a very pretty blue.


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