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James Earl Carter, Jr.:
A Presidential Unit

James Earl Carter, Jr. -- better known as Jimmy Carter -- was the 39th President of the United States of America. He was born 1 October 1924 in Plains, Georgia. He was our first President to have been born in a hospital. His presidential term of office ran from 1977 to 1981.

Political Party: Democratic
Years Served: 1977 - 1981
Vice President(s): Walter F. Mondale
Name of his parents: James Earl Carter and Lillian Gordy
Wife's name: Rosalyn Smith
Yearly Salary as President: $200,000/year + $50,000 expense account
State of Birth: Georgia

"Jimmy Carter was an officer in the US Navy and was part of ateam that built nuclear submarines. He had intended to make the Navy his career; but, upon the death of his father he returned home to run the family peanut farm.

Carter was a dark horse candidate. He was little known outside the state of Georgia, where he wsa Governor, before he started running for President.

Carter learned early on, from his mother Lillian, about the importance of the rights of minorities. Human rights would become a cornerstone of his Presidency. One of his greatest accomplishments was mediating a peace treaty between Egypt and Israel after 30 years of war.

Carter faced some severe challenges during his tenure as President. First, the economy was in a severe recession. Gas prices had skyrocketed causing prices on all goods and services to rise as well due to transportation and manufacturing costs. Second hostage crisis in American Embassy in Iran that began in November 1979. Carter tried for over a year, without success, to free them. They were finally freed, but not until after Carter left office.

These two issues caused Carter to be so unpopular, despite some significant successes in other areas, that he was unable to win a second term.

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Trivia Questions:

1. What were the names of the Carter's children? [Answer: John William "Jack" Carter (1947- ); James Earl "Chip" Carter III (1950- ); Donnel Jeffrey "Jeff" Carter (1952-); Amy Lynn Carter (1967- )]

2. What other political positions did Carter hold? [Answer: Georgia State Senator, 1963-66 ; Governor of Georgia, 1971-75].

Of Note:

President Carter like the simple life. He didn't ride in the Presidential limousine unless he absolutely had to. He even walked to his inauguration.

Jimmy Carter can read 2,000 words per minute.


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