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Science Fun: Collecting Trees

There are basically two kinds of trees. Some trees lose their leaves at some point during their yearly cycle, and some trees stay green all year.

Find out the difference between conifer trees and deciduous trees.

Tree's have something called bark around their branches and trunk. This bark is kind of like the tree's skin. And, human beings, not all bark is the same. Some bark can be very thick and sort of wrinkled. Some bark can be thin and fairly smooth.

Collect different kinds of trees by making rubbings of their bark.

Project Supplies:

a crayon
several different trees
masking tape

Project Directions:

1. Tape the paper to a tree, onto the tree's bark. Make sure the tape is not injuring the tree.

2. Rub the paper over the bark using the crayon. It might be helpful to remove all the paper from the crayon and use the long smooth side to cover more area at once.

3. Try to find a conifer tree and make a rubbing. Try to find a deciduous tree and make a rumming.

4. Collect rubbings from many different trees.

Compare your bark rubbings in your science or nature journal. Tell if the size of the trees made a difference in the size and amount of wrinkles in the bark. Describe if the bark was different on small branches than it was on the main trunk. Classify your tree bark rubbings by tree and tree type.


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