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Coloring Book T-Shirt Craft

Now this is a neat craft! Try this with a themed coloring sheet, either from a coloring book or printed off the internet, to go along with a unit study or any project. These make cute gifts as well. This project also works well for quilt blocks, sheets, pillow cases, table clothes, etc..


T-shirt or sweat shirt (100% cotton works best)

Fabric crayons

Coloring book or any kind of picture you wish on a shirt or a theme for a quilt

Sharpie marker or fabric pen for outlining


1. Color the picture well using fabric crayons, filling in all spaces that you want to transfer.

2. Heat iron to cotton setting.

3. Turn picture over and iron onto blocks of fabric to be sewn onto a quilt or onto a sweat shirt or T-shirt. The colors will be very vibrant.

4. Outline the resulting picture with the fabric pen or sharpie marker. If you didn't use a black crayon to draw in the lines of the picture while you were coloring, you can go back at this point and draw the lines in with the markers as well.

You can do pillowcases or sheets - anything that has more cotton than blends works the best.


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