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Fun and Easy Window Clings
for Children to Make

Try this super easy craft with children of all ages. You just need plastic sheets or other pliable, non-stick, flat material, white school glue, and food coloring.


regular white paper glue
food coloring of your choice
clear film (transparency sheets work well)


1. Mix a few drops of food coloring to the white glue bottle and mix well.

2. Put your design under the clear film and trace over it with a continuous bead of glue and fill in with other colors of glue. Note: you make want to let it dry between colors if your glue is a bit runny.

3. Let dry for at least 12 hours. Peel your work of art off of the film and place on any glass surface.

To store: place your clings between sheets of plastic wrap in a cool place.


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