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Celebrate Christmas: Flaming Ornaments Christmas Tree Cake

This is really cool! But, because of the cooking and the real flames, you need to closely supervise your children. Let the kids do this and then at presentation time, have them turn off the lights and listen for all the "ooohs and aaaahs."

Flaming Ornaments Christmas Tree Cake

1 - 9" x 13" sheet cake (ready made or purchased)
1 cake board to display cake
green cake frosting
cake knife for spreading frosting
small amount of red and blue frosting
sugar cubes
small bottle of peppermint extract
thin ribbon

Place the sheet cake onto the cake board. Place a simple Christmas tree pattern on top of your cake and carefully cut away the surrounding cake. Be careful not to damage the large cut-away pieces because you are going to use them later.

Carefully frost the cake with the green frosting. Arrange the sugar cubes on the surface of the cake to look like ornaments on a tree. Cut leftover cake into small square and rectangular shapes "boxes" and frost them with the red and blue frosting. Tie each one up with a ribbon or pipe a "ribbon" of frosting on each one to look like presents. Arrange the edible "presents" around the bottom of the cake.

For the special effect: Saturate each sugar cube with a few drops of the peppermint extract just prior to igniting. Turn off lights and with a match, ignite the extract on each "ornament" moving quickly from cube to cube. Each "ornament" will burn with a pretty blue flame for about a minute.


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