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Easy and Edible Stained Glass Windows

This project makes a beautiful and edible "stained glass window." It uses gelatin and my kids love it.

Marilyn Gandre - Christmas Angel
Christmas Angel
Marilyn Gandre
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Supplies for this project:

2 packages (8 serving size) each of any colored gelatin*
2 1/2 cups boiling water for each color of gelatin
2 - 9" x 13" rectangular cake pans
2 large bowls
holiday cookie cutters

Directions for this project:

1. Place one color of gelatin into each bowl. Working with one bowl at a time, stiring in the boiling water until gelatin is completely dissolved. Pour contents of bowl into an empty pan. Refrigerate the pans at least three hours or until firm.

2. Remove the gelatin form the refrigerator and dip the bottom of each pan into warm water for 15 to 20 seconds to loosen the gelatin. Take the cookies cutters and start cutting shapes in the first pan until you have no space left.

3. Its imporant to remember to cut the exact same number of each shape from each pan. For instance, if you cut six star shapes from one pan, you need to cut six star shapes from the other pan as well.

4. Lift out a matching shape from each pan and then trade places. For instance, you take a star shape out of pan one and pan two. Replace the empty star shape in pan one with the different colored star from pan two. Replace the empty star shape in pan two with the star shape from pan one. Continue doing this until you have completed both pans.

Variations for the more ambitious:

*you can make more than two colors ... you just have to remember to do the exact same number of shapes in each color of gelatin.

*you can try and do free-hand with a sharp knife, just remember that you have to do the exact same design on each color of gelatin you use.

*use your cookie cutters to make a story picture similar to the stained glass windows in churches.


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