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Fall Fun: Glow in the Dark Chalk

To make the chalk "glow" draw designs on the sidewalk, and turn lights or a flashlight on it. As darkness approaches, you should start to see it glow.


1/2 cup of Plaster of Paris (note -- NEVER, NEVER poor this stuff into your plumbing!!)

2 T. glow in the dark paint (check around the fabric paints at the craft store)

2 T. water

shaped molds or toilet paper tube sealed on one end with tape

small plastic cup and spoon


Mix the plaster of paris, glow in the dark paint, and water in the small plastic cup and mix with the plastic spoon until well blended. Quickly pour this stuff into your mold. If you've never used plaster of paris, it sets up quick! Let dry until it hardens ... this could be in as little as one hour for smaller molds.


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