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History Fun:
Resume of Historical Figures

Imagine that a famous person from history has been given the opportunity to come into our modern world and live. Now he or she must find a job in today's job market. Help them write their resume or fill out a job application.

First, have the child(ren) use the Job Application form. [Note: this is an Adobe Acrobat document.]

Filling out this form for the historical figure that they've chosen will help them to see what their qualifications were/are.

Then, using the local newspaper's "Help Wanted" ads, help your historical figure find a job best suited to their talents.

Have the child(ren) write a paragraph explaining why this person would be qualified for this specific job as it was outlined in the ad.

Write a cover letter to go with the job application. It should be written in business letter format and use correct grammar and spelling.

You could also add a role-playing activity by having them "interview" their historical figure as if they were a career counselor helping them make a career change.


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