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Age 9 - How to teach addition

Teaching a child how to add can be a fun and exciting experience. The most important thing to remember is to be patient and to make the experience fun for your child. Making it a strict environment will make your child less interested. A good way in teaching a child addition is by using flash cards that can be found in many stores. These flash cards have different addition problems such as 4 plus 5. Each time you hold up the flash card have your child build the sums using things around the house or things like jelly beans or coins. For example, with 4 plus 5 have your child pull out 4 jelly beans from the bag and then have your child pull out 5 jelly beans. Tell your child to put all the jelly beans together and count them out loud. As you continue to go through these flash cards with them, they will slowly get the concept of addition.

Some basic information you should teach your child when you begin teaching them addition is by informing them that a number always remains the same when you add a zero to the number. Teach your child that when you add one to a number the answer is always the next number. Continue to teach them the “plus one” concept by using flash cards and everyday activities. Another important concept to teach your child is “doubles”. Addition problems that are referred to as doubles are 1+1 and 5+5. Use items around the house to demonstrate this concept. Generally, the “doubles” concept is a concept children catches on to pretty quickly.


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