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History Lessons and Activities Index

This is a list of the history lessons and activities available on EasyFunSchool. It is broken up by time period and is alphabetized within each section.


[Note: some of the projects in the Science Fun Index might also be appropriate for specific historical periods (e.g., "homemade hourglass").]

History, General:
Aged Paper for history projects
Community History Unit Study
History Fun: Resume of an Historical Figure
The History of Visualization and Role-Play in History Lessons
Mixed Up Presidents - part 1 (puzzle
Mixed Up Presidents - part 2 (puzzle)
Suggested Reading for History
The Titanic
The Civil War

Ancient/Old Testament History:
Explore Ancient Israel
Investigative Report: Ancient Israel
Research Project: Famous Person of Ancient Israel
Mixed-Up Books of the Bible (puzzle)
The Old Testament Said What?!
Resources for Study Old Testament/Ancient History
What Made Them Different?

Ancient Middle East:
Ancient Mesopotamia and Religion
Assyrian Mythology
Brickmaking Activity/Experiment
Daily Life in Ancient Civilizations
Daily Life in Mesopotamia
Daily Life in Mesopotamia: Activities
Debate Hammurabi's Code
Gilgamesh and Enkidu
Locating Mesopotamia
Plan a Sumerian Feast
Sumerian Proverbs

Ancient Egypt:
Brickmaking Activity/Experiment
The Harvest Cycle

Ancient China:
Ancient China Unit Study

Ancient Japan:
Suggested Reading

Ancient Greece:
Ancient Greece Timeline and Activities
Create a Fresco
Cast a Faux Alabaster Figure
Cast a Faux Marble Sculpture,
The Iliad (please note: large file, slow in loading)
The Judgment of Midas
Marbled Paper
Olympian Vocabulary

Ancient Rome:
The Bronze Bow
Create a Fresco
Cast a Faux Alabaster Figure
Cast a Faux Marble Sculpture,
Marbled Paper

Early Europe:
Norseman Tale of Creation
The Sons of William the Conqueror

Medieval Times:
Fire-Breathing Dragon Bookmark
Kings, Queens, & Castles Unit
Middle Ages worksheet #1
Middle Ages worksheet #2
The Sons of William the Conqueror
St. George and the Dragon
Unit Study on the Middle Ages

British History:
A Child's History of England: Chapters 1 - 2
A Child's History of England: Chapters 3 - 6
A Child's History of England: Chapters 7 - 10
A Child's History of England: Chapters 11 - 12
A Child's History of England: Chapters 13 - 16
A Child's History of England: Chapters 17 - 21
A Child's History of England: Chapters 22 - 25
A Child's History of England: Chapters 26 - 30
A Child's History of England: Chapters 31 - 35
A Child's History of England: Chapters 36 & 37
The Sons of William the Conqueror

Age of Exploration and Beyond:
Exploring Antarctica
Life on the High Seas
Make a Compass
Pirates Treasure Chest
Who Really Discovered America?

Native Americans:
[Please note: The history of Native peoples falls in many different streams of history. You may want to check other sections of this history index if you do not see what you want in this list.]
Folk Tales
Myth/Stereotype of the Native American Women
Native American Cooking: Ah-Gee-Chum-Buh-Gee
Native American Cooking: Indian Bean Bread
Native American Cooking: Parched Corn
Native American Cooking: Simi Chumbo
Special Homes
Tribal List


Acorn Flour
Beet Dye
Clabber Milk Cheese
Coffee Dye
Colonial Cooking: Apple Butter
Colonial Cooking: Apple Catsup
Colonial Cooking: Homemade Applesauce
Colonial Cooking: Homemade Sausage
Colonial Cooking: Indian Pudding
Colonial Cooking: Philadelphia Pepper Pot
Colonial Cooking: Sausage and Apple Rings
Colonial Cooking: Wiggs
Cranberry Dye
Easy Homemade Hard Soap
Easy White Cheese
Exploring Early America
Hashed Hominy
Homemade Butter
Homemade Hominy
Homemade Ink from Berries
Homemade Ink from Nuts
Homemade Mulled Cinder
Homemade Yellow Cheese
John Smith's Letter About Pocahontas
Marigold Dye
Mustard Dye
Old-Fashioned Pomander
Purple Cabbage Dye
Rendering Lard
Sausage Cake
The Settlement of Jamestown
Soup Can Lantern
Sourdough Starter
Spinach Dye
Tea Dye
Walnut Shell Dye

American Revolution:
American Revolution Timeline
Johnny Tremain

Frontier/Pioneer History:
Cherokee Sweet Potato Bread
Daniel Boone mini unit
Lewis & Clark Unit
Maple Candy
Now That's Different!
PBS Frontier House: Lesson 1
PBS Frontier House: Lesson 2
Pioneer Cooking: Bannock Bread
Pioneer Cooking: Dough-nuts
Pioneer Cooking: Grits Bread
Pioneer Cooking: Hasty Pudding
Pioneer Cooking: Indian Cake
Pioneer Cooking: Indian Dumpling
Pioneer Cooking: Sallie Lunn
Pioneer Cooking: Venison
Pioneers "Meeting the Elephant"
Suggested Reading: Native Americans

Westward Expansion:
The Pony Express
The Sante Fe Trail

American Civil War:
Civil War Cookin': Baked Bread Omelet
Civil War Cookin': Breakfast Cornbread
Civil War Cookin': Carolina Rice and Wheat Bread
Civil War Cookin': Fondus
Civil War Cookin': Fricasseed Eggs
Civil War Cookin': Griddle Cakes
Civil War Cookin': Hydropathic Crumpets
Civil War Cookin': Mississippi Cake
Civil War Cookin': Molasses Toast
Civil War Cookin': Rumbled Eggs
Civil War Cookin': Soda Biscuits
Soda Crackers
Send 'Em South (book review with activities

World War I:
Lesson Ideas
The Lusitania
Research Topics

The Great Depression:
Amelia Earhart
The Great Depression: A Mini Unit

World War II:
Number the Stars
Pearl Harbor
Unit Activities


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