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Science Fun: Leaf Scents

Did you know that it is possible to tell trees apart by their scent alone? Sometimes the differences are subtle and sometimes they can be quite obvious.

Supplies for this project:

leaves of various trees
your nose

Directions for this project:

Pick a leaf from a tree and crush it in your hand. Hold it to your nose and sniff. What does it smell like? Can you describe the scent? Some leaves smell musty. Conifers have a strong pine oil smell. Other leaves have a sharp smell.

Test yourself. Can you identify specific leaves/trees with your eyes closed?

Close your eyes and ahve someone crush a leaf for you to smell, or make a pile of different leaves and draw from it with your eyes closed.

How many different leaves/trees were you able to identify?

You may want to try this with other plants. What about herbs, flowers, or weeds? Just beware in case you have conditions such as asthma or allergies.


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