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Age 6 - Learn To Count Into The hundreds

Teaching your kids how to count may sound like a difficult task but it is actually one of the easiest things to teach your kids. Everyday activities with your kids can be used as a counting exercise. For example, pointing to the buttons on their jackets and counting them can easily be used as a teaching tool. Make them repeat the numbers after you. Whatever you’re doing with your kids, there is something you can count. Walking down the steps of your stairs can be used as a counting exercise. Make your kids count each step as they go up and down the stairs. Make sure to always stop on each step and make them say the number before moving to the next step. Remember to keep the numbers low until your kids are ready to move on to higher numbers.

Once they have a good grasp on counting to 20 you can slowly move on to counting to 100. A good way to get them to count to 100 is by having a number chart of 1-100. Each day go through the numbers with them a few times and make them repeat it after you. Another way is introducing to your kids the process of counting to 100. Write down the numbers 1-9 and go through the teen numbers with them (13, 14, 15 and etc.). Let them know once they’ve reached to twenty all they have to do is add numbers 1-9 to the twenty and once they reach to twenty-nine it becomes another set of numbers. The next set of numbers would be thirty and they will continue to add 1-9 to the next set of numbers. The next set would be forty, fifty and so on. Make sure while you are explaining the set of numbers to your kids, point to each number for the sets. For example, if you are going over 30-39 make sure to point to number 3 on the chart. As soon as they get the process of counting to 100, they should be able to count to 100 easily.


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