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Learning With Little House:
The Long Winter Trivia

"The Long Winter" by Laura Ingalls Wilder was the fifth book in the "Little House on the Prairie" series. In this book, Laura's family faces tremendous hardships just to survive.


1. What does Laura help Pa make at the beginning of the book?

2. What is the muskrat home made of?

3. What does Pa ask for Laura to go to town and buy him?

4. Who do Laura and Carrie meet on their way back from town?

5. What kind of pie does Ma make for Pa as a surprise?

6. What is cambric tea?

7. In what month does the first blizzard come?

8. What does Laura call the bird that Pa finds after the first blizzard?

9. What is the name of the street that Pa's building is on?

10. What is the building that Laura bumps into during the second blizzard?

11. What does Mr. Edwards leave for Mary?

12. What is the name of the magazine that Laura and Mary get in the mail?

13. What does Laura give Carrie for Christmas?

14. What does Laura help Pa make after the coal runs out?

15. What is used to grind the wheat in the Ingalls' home?

16. How much does Mr. Loftus pay Almanzo and Cap for the seed wheat?

17. What is the Chinook?

18. What is the "Christmas in May" present?


1. hay

2. grass and mud

3. a mowing machine piece

4. the Wilder brothers

5. green pumpkin pie

6. weak tea and milk combined

7. October

8. a great auk

9. Main Street

10. Mead's Hotel

11. a twenty dollar bill

12. Youth's Companion

13. a picture frame

14. sticks of hay

15. a coffee mill

16. nothing

17. the wind of spring

18. butter


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