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Mixed-Up Books of the Bible

Here's a fun word scramble to go along with your Bible study.

by Michael Oksa

There are many books of The Bible. How many of these scrambled books can you figure out? The answers are at the bottom of the page, you may have to scroll down to see them. Remember, the number of words in a puzzle does not always match the answer (ignore any punctuation,also). EXAMPLE: lead in = Daniel

1) casino loss

2) a rich haze

3) one more duty

4) no arms

5) See his pan?

6) retain love

7) ox dues

8) I'm no help.

9) last again

10) human

11) see sign

12) wet math

13) a shoe

14) visit clue

15) neonatal mist


1) Colossians

2) Zechariah

3) Deuteronomy

4) Romans

5) Ephesians

6) Revelation

7) Exodus

8) Philemon

9) Galatians

10) Nahum

11) Genesis

12) Matthew

13) Hosea

14) Leviticus

15) Lamentations

How many were you able to get? Just look at the chart below to see how you compare.

15-13 correct: Bible Scholar.
12-10 correct: Well done!
9-7 correct: Good job.
6-4 correct: Time to hit "The Book".
3-1 correct: Better luck next time.
0 correct: Really?


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