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Names of Jesus Holiday Unit Study

The "Names of Jesus" holiday unit study was originally written by Karen Caroe in 1998. With her gracious permission I have edited and expanded the unit. It now is 149 pages long and contains many additional activities and worksheets for each of the 24 names studied. Activities include, but are not limited to discussion questions, handwriting worksheets, cross-curricular activities from various academic areas, crafts, puzzles, and more.

Because of the length and format of this unit I have left it in .doc format. What this means to you is that you should be able to open the document using your word processing program instead of having to open it from the website or from another program. Due to the length (149 pages) I would suggest that you save the document directly to your hard drive before trying to open it. Using your mouse, do a "right click" and then "save target as". Your computer will ask you where you want to save the document. Make sure and note where you are saving it to so that you can find it again later.

If you wish to use the handwriting worksheets that are in the unit you will also need to download and install the two fonts immediately below the unit. If you do not, the worksheets will not be formatted correctly.

Names of Jesus Holiday Unit Study - Expanded Version

Penmanship Font
School Script Dashed


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