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Learning with Little House:
"On the Banks of Plum Creek" Trivia

On the Banks of Plum Creek is the fourth book in the Little House on the Prairie series by Laura Ingalls Wilder. This book covers a span of time that the family lived first in a sod house and then in a milled lumber house near a creek in Minnesota. This volume of the series also describes the terrible years when they dealt with the plague of grasshoppers and when Pa had to go away from home to find cash-paying work.


1. What four states do the Ingalls family pass through on their way to Plum Creek?

2. What flowers grow on the dugout?

3. Who is Johnny Johnson?

4. What does Pa tell Laura and Mary not to slide down?

5. What is the "wonderful house" made of?

6. What surprise for Ma does Pa hid in the lean-to?

7. What does Sandy Kennedy call Laura and Mary the first day of school?

8. How much does the slate pencil cost?

9. What game does Nellie always want to play at recess?

10. Where does Laura read Mother Goose?

11. What kind of cakes does Ma serve at Laura and Mary's party?

12. What is the glittering cloud?

13. What does Pa ask Ma to take good care of while he is working in the east?

14. What piece of clothing is Laura's favorite Christmas gift?

15. What do Laura and Carrie use to make pictures on the windows?

16. How many days is Pa caught in the blizzard?

17. Why does Pa think there will be no grasshoppers in the summer?

18. What does Pa manage to bring home for Christmas dinner after the blizzard?


1. Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, and Minnesota

2. Morning glories

3. The herd boy

4. The straw-stack

5. Sawed lumber

6. A cookstove

7. Snipes

8. A penny

9. Ring-around-a-rosy

10. At Nellie's party

11. Vanity cakes

12. Grasshoppers

13. His fiddle

14. A fur cape and muff

15. Thimbles

16. Four days

17. Because the winter was so cold

18. Oysters

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