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Suggested Reading and Resources
by Historical Period

This is a list of suggested reading and resources divided up by approximate historical period. This list will be updated and modified on a regular basis. Books on this list include commentaries, "living books", biographies, autobiographies, videos, audiotapes, resources, historical fiction, etc. As a reminder, please review each book for age and content appropriateness for your family. Books cover a broad age range, from preschool to college and beyond. I'm including books from the young adult fiction genre for advanced readers and to get some of the reluctant readers interested in historical fiction.

When possible, I will link the title to an online merchant where the book, audiocassette, or video can be purchased at a discount and/or where a synopsis or other description of the book is located. Some of the suggested reading I've run across is actually now available on the internet for free ("free ebook), to be read online or printed off for later reading.

If you have a specific book that you think should appear on this list, please feel free to email me at feedback@easyfunschool.com with the book title and author. If the book is one that is out of print, please also include the original publishing date.


Ancient Egypt: Multimedia CD Rom

The Cat of Bubastes by G.A. Henty
also available in audiocassette and CD

How Would You Survive As an Ancient Egyptian?

The World in the Time of Tutankhamun


Ancient Greece: Multimedia CD Rom

How Would You Survive As an Ancient Greek?

The Usborne Encyclopedia of Ancient Greece

The World in the Time of Alexander the Great


Ancient Rome: Multimedia CD Rom

Augustus Caesar's World by Genevieve Foster

The Bronze Bow by Elizabeth George Speare

Handbook to Life in Ancient Rome by Lesley and Roy Adkins

History of Christianity - Video Curriculum

How Would You Survive As an Ancient Roman?

Romans, Reformers, Revolutionaries: Digging Deeper Series by Diana Waring
note: also available -- Romans, Reformers, Revolutionaries elementary level activity book

True Tales from the Times of Romans, Reformers, Revolutionaries by Diana Waring
(60 minute audiotape)
note: More True Tales form the Times of Romans, Reformers, Revolutionaries also available (80 minutes audiotape)


Ancient Civilizations and the Bible: Digging Deeper Series by Diana Waring
note: also available -- Ancient Civilizations and the Bible elementary level activity book

Ancient Mesopotamia: Multimedia CD Rom

Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
(video, 60 minutes)

True Tales from the Times of Ancient Civilizations by Diana Waring
(60 minute audiotape)
note: More True Tales from the Times of Ancient Civilizations also available (80 minute audiotape)

What in the World's Going on Here? Vol. 1 by Diana Waring
(set of four audiocassettes of living history stories) note: this volume covers Creation to the Renaissance/Reformation to the French Revolution
Vol. 2 is also available.


The King's Shadow

Vikings: Fear and Faith

Wulf the Saxon by G.A. Henty
note: also available in audiocassette and CD


Alchemy: The Art of Knowing

The Apple and the Arrow (1291, Switzerland's fight for freedom, William Tell)

In Freedom's Cause (late 13th century)
note: also available in unabridged audiocassette

How Would You Survive in the Middle Ages?

Joan of Arc by Mark Twain
note: of all of Mr. Twain's works, this is reportedly his personal favorite

A Journey of Souls by C.D. Baker
(1212, the Children's Crusade)

The Middle Ages: A Watts Guide for Children

Story of the Middle Ages

The World in the Time of Charlemagne


Along Came Galileo by Jeanne Bendick

Martin Luther (video, b&w, 2 hours 35 minutes, 1953)

The World in the Time of Leonardo da Vinci


Age of Exploration: Multimedia CD Rom

The World in the Time of Marco Polo

The World of Columbus and Sons by Genevieve Foster


The Foundling by Linda Hayner



Bridle the Wind by Joan Aiken

The Complete Works of Shakespeare (multiple volumes of free ebooks)


Blind Justice by Bruce Alexander

Murder in Grub Street by Bruce Alexander

Person or Persons Unknown by Bruce Alexander

The World in the Time of Marie Antoinette

Watery Grave by Bruce Alexander


The Amazing Life of Benjamin Franklin

Anne Hutchinson: Religious Leader

Benjamin Banneker: American Mathematician and Astronomer

Benjamin Franklin: American Statesman, Scientist, and Writer

Caesar Rodney: American Patriot

Colonial America: Multimedia CD Rom

Controversial Questions About Thomas Jefferson

Cotton Mather: Author, Clergyman, and Scholar

Emma's Journal: The Story of a Colonial Girl

Foundations of Freedom
(video, 110 minutes)

George Whitefield: Clergyman and Scholar

His Autobiography by Benjamin Franklin

Increase Mather: Clergyman and Scholar

James Oglethorpe: Humanitarian and Scholar

John Peter Zenger: Free Press Advocate

John Smith: English Explorer and Colonist

John Smith: Gentleman Adventurer by C.H. Forbes-Lindsay

John Winthrop: Politician and Statesman

Jonathon Edwards: Colonial Religious Leader

Lessons from Nature: Poems for Boys and Girls
by John Bunyan, originally published in 1701

Life In A New World 1000 - 1783

Life in the Colonies 1764 - 1789

The Life of Benjamin Franklin by M.L. Weems (free ebook)

Lord Baltimore: English Politician and Colonist

Mary of Plymouth by James Otis

Miles Standish: Plymouth Colony Leader

Peter Stuyvesant: Dutch Military Leader

Plymouth Plantation by William Bradford
note: reprinted from a 1909 modern English translation, 353 pages

Roger Williams: Founder of Rhode Island

Sir Walter Raleigh: English Explorer and Author

Sir William Berkeley: Governor of Virginia

The Story of Liberty by Charles C. Coffin
note: reprinted from an 1879 manuscript; a study guide is also available for this book.

Sweet Land of Liberty by Charles C. Coffin
note: reprinted from an 1881 manuscript

William Bradford: Governor of Plymouth Colony

William Penn: Founder of Democracy

The World of Captain John Smith by Genevieve Foster


American Revolution: Multimedia CD Rom

The Boys of '76 by Charles C. Coffin
note: from an 1876 manuscript

Forgotten Founding Father: The Heroic Legacy of George Whitfield

George Washington's World by Genevieve Foster

Give Me Liberty: The Christian Patriotism of Patrick Henry

Minute Boys of Bunker Hill by Edward Stratemeyer

Minute Boys of Lexington by Edward Stratemeyer

A More Perfect Union: America Becomes a Nation
(video, 114 minutes)

Paul Revere's Ride by Longfellow (free ebook)

United States Constitution: Multimedia CD Rom

Various time periods from post Revolution to late 19th century

In the Heart of the Rockies by G.A. Henty

In the Shadow of the Alamo by Sherry Garland

The Life of Kit Carson by Edward Ellis

Little House on the Prairie series by Laura Ingalls

Myths and Legends of the Sioux (free ebook)

Rachel's Journal: The Story of a Pioneer Girl

Retta Barre's Oregon Trail Series
note: currently three volumes in this series, available individually, fiction about a 12 year old girl

Stores of Great Americans for Little Americans
by Edward Eggleston, first published in 1859

A Tale of the Western Plains by G.A. Henty

Westward Expansion: Multimedia CD Rom

AMERICAN CIVIL WAR PERIOD (including years leading up to the Civil War where appropriate to this topic)

Abraham Lincoln's World by Genevieve Foster

Call of Duty: The Sterling Nobility of Robert E. Lee

Dog Jack by Florence W. Biros


Charles Dickens: A Concise Biography (video)

David Livingston: Man of Prayer and Action

David Livingston: Missionary and Explorer (video)

Eliza's Daughter by Joan Aiken

Industrial Revolution: Multimedia CD Rom

The Teeth of the Gale by Joan Aiken

You Are the General II (1800 - 1899) by Nathan Aaseng


Ellis Island Immigration: Multimedia CD Rom

Hannah's Journal: The Story of an Immigrant Girl


You Are the General (Great Decisions of the 20th Centry)

Twentieth-Century Inventors

THE 1910's

Endurance: Shackleton's Incredible Voyage

Ice Story: Shackleton's Lost Expedition

The Sinking of the Titanic and Great Sea Disasters


Anastasia: The Last Grand Duchess - Russia, 1914

World War I: Multimedia CD Rom

THE 1920's

Roaring 20's & Depressing 30's: Multimedia CD Rom

THE 1930's

Rose's Journal: The Story of a Girl in the Great Depression


A-Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (free ebook)

Bonhoeffer: The Cost of Freedom (audiocassette>
note: also available on CD

The Christian Heritage Series: The Santa Fe Years
by Nancy Rue, takes place during WWII, six volumes, also available individually

The Diary of Dawid Sierakowiak: Five Notebooks from Lodz Ghetto

Hanged on a Twisted Cross: The Life, Convictions, and Martyrdom of Dietrich Bonhoeffer (video)

The Hiding Place (video, color, 2 hours 20 minutes)

Never Give In: The Extraordinary Character of Winston Churchill

Paris (Cities at War)

World War II: America at War

World War II: Fire From the Sky

World War II: The Great War
(video, b & w, 2.5 hours)

World War II: Multimedia CD Rom

We Remember the Holocaust by David A. Adler


Adventures of the Northwoods series
note: ten volume series, also available individually, takes place in 1905 in northwest Wisconsin

A Knock at Midnight by M.L. King Jr.
note: this book is also available on audiocassette

Autobiography of Martin Luther King Jr.
note: this book is also available on audiocassette

Carry a Big Stick: The Uncommon Heroism of Theodore Roosevelt

Deliver the Ransom Alone (1990's, El Salvador)

True Tales from the Times of World Empires, World Missions, World Wars by Diana Waring
(60 minute audiotape)
note: More True Tales from the Times of World Empires, World Missions, World Wars also available (80 minute audiotape)

The World in the Time of Albert Einstein


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