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Celebrate Christmas:
Homemade Stenciled Gift Wrap

This is a great lesson on frugal living to teach your children. Its also incredibly fun and is a great outlet for creative expression. But be forewarned ... this is definitely NOT for those with a messiness phobia.

Project Supplies:
freezer paper, butcher paper, or other paper that has a blank side to it
appropriately colored paints or stamp pads
stamp forms, sponges, household objects, leaves ... basicaly anything with an interesting shape can be used
work area where projects can be left until dry

Project Directions:

Dip or paint the object you will be using as your stamp with your paint medium. Then carefully use it to "stamp" a picture onto your paper.

You could use various objects to create pictures or you could just make a repeating pattern on your paper.

Allow your paper to dry completely before using it to wrap your gifts. Remember, the more paint used on your object the less finely detailed the picture will be and the longer it will take to dry.

You can make your own stamps by cutting sponges into specific shapes or by taking have a potato and carving a stamp out of or into the peeled end.


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