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Christmas Home Ec:
Sweet Dreams Chocolate Orbs

This a project my kids love. You wind up with a chocolate orb filled with mousse. You "wake" the dream up by "popping" the chocolate orb with the back of your spoon to reveal all the yummy inside.


8 oz. of chocolate-flavored candy coating wafers
chocolate mousse or similar filling, such as pudding
candy thermometer
double boiler
several small, round balloons
something to suspend the balloons on
something to pop the balloons with


Melt your chocolate wafers in the double boiler. Make sure that you just melt them, not cook them.

While your wafers are melting, blow up your balloons to a diameter of 3 inches and tie off the ends. When the wafers have melted and have an even and smooth consistency, check the chocolate temperature. Anything hotter than 95 degrees with pop your balloons.

Dip each balloon into the mixture so almost the entire balloon is coated except for a 1 inch circle around the end of the balloon. Hold the balloon right side up for about a minute for the coating to begin to harden, then suspend it with a hanger -- or similar -- to complete the hardening. After they have completely hardened, you can place them in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes to make them become brittle.

Remove each globe from the refrigerator, pop the balloon and pull the balloon out through the hole. Pipe in the chocolate mousse ... or other such filling ... through the hole that you pulled the balloon out.

Place each orb hole-side-down on a serving dish. You can garnish the plate with fresh fruit, candies, fancy piped topping, etc. Return the whole plate to the refrigerator until sering time.

At serving time, show your guests how to shatter their "dream" by striking it with the bake of their spoon.

Alternative fillings: mix any flavored pudding with whipped topping for a light, mousse-like filling; strawberry mousse instead of the chocolate; real whipped topping that you've made yourself and lightly flavored with some cinnamon.


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