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Treasure Island Unit Study: Part VI

This is the sixth lesson in the unit study on Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson. Part Six is called "Captain Silver".

Treasure Island 1950 Video

Treasure Island (Signet Classic)

For a free ebook version of Treasure Island check out http://www.gspp.com.au/treasure_island.htm.

You may also be interested in the Introduction to the Treasure Island unit study.

Suggested Vocabulary:

Define the meaning as the one used in the book.


Summary of the Book:

From Biblomania.com: "Stevenson's most famous novel and an enduringly popular romance, Treasure Island was published in 1883, although it had appeared initially in Young Folks in serial form July 1881-June 1882 under the alternative title of "The Sea-Cook or Treasure Island". It is of course the author's success, but the novel's conception is interesting. It developed from an imaginary map that Stevenson and his stepson Lloyd Osbourne had devised on holiday and this goes some way towards explaining the book's appeal among children. Moreover, the famous antihero Long John Silver was the invention of Stevenson's friend, William Henley. Nonetheless, the tale is the archetypal nineteenth century 'ripping yarn'. Our narrator is Jim Hawkins, son of a guesthouse owner on the west coast of England sometime in the eighteenth century. To the inn come firstly an old buccaneer who has a map of Captain Flint's treasure, and secondly a group of pirates under the command of ominous blind man Pew. Jim Hawkins, our hero, in an act of bravery and cunning gets hold of the map before this rabid mob gets it. He delivers the map to Squire Trelawney, and together they set off for Treasure Island in the Squire's schooner. The rest of the crew, apart from Dr Livesey (a friend of the squire) are a company collected by Long John Silver. The latter and his men try to mutiny and get hold of the treasure themselves but Jim intervenes and through a series of enthralling adventures we find ourselves on Treasure Island with the marooned Ben Gunn and ever closer to the treasure itself."

Suggested Activities and Questions:

1. What situation did Jim find himself in at the beginning of this section? Was it a good position to be in or not?

2. How many pirates were left at the beginning of this section?

3. Why did the pirates turn against Long John Silver?

4. How did Silver answer the four points? Do you think he was right or was he just manipulating them?

5. Why do you think the doctor helped tend the pirate wounded and sick? What is the Hippocratic oath?

6. The doctor said that he would try to help save Silver short of perjury. What is perjury? Why do you think it is a crime?

7. Why did Jim refuse to run away with the doctor? Do you think he was right or wrong? Give specific reasons.

8. Create a treasure map using landmarks in and around your home. Give the map to someone else and see if they can follow it?

9. Why do you think that the pirates had such a hard time following Flint's map?

10. What caused the pirate to cry in terror while they were looking for the treasure?

11. Why do you thing Ben Gunn was "gleeful" at the idea of deserting the three remaining pirates on the island?

12. How did Silver escape in the end? Are you glad he escaped or do you think he should have stood trial? Why do you think the characters in the story were glad he had left? Give specific answers.

You may wish to have a culminating event, such as a party, where you watch a video of "Treasure Island," eat themed snacks, and do other things that were noted in the various sections of this unit study.

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