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Thomas Woodrow Wilson:
A Presidential Unit

Thomas Woodrow Wilson was the 28th President of the United States, serving from 1913 until 1921. Wilson was the first President to make a speech on the radio and was also the first president to visit a foreign country while still in office (France in 1918).

Political Party: Democrat
Years Served: March 4, 1913 to March 3, 1921
Vice President(s): Thomas Marshall
Name of his parents: Joseph Ruggles Wilson and Jessie Janet Woodrow Wilson
Wife's name: Ellen Louise Axson (1860-1914), on June 24, 1885; Edith Bolling Galt (1872-1961), on December 18 , 1915
Yearly Salary as President: $75,000
Physical Stature: 5 feet, 11 inches
State of Birth: Virginia

"Woodrow Wilson stopped using his first name, Thomas, while he was still a boy. Wilson did not learn to read until he was 9 years old. Starting 'late' did not hinder his scholastic career at all. He became a college professor, an author, and president of Princeton University. He was a very good public speaker.

Wilson received the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts in trying to heal the wounds to peace caused by World War One. He did not want the USA to fight in World War One, but was given little choice as German submarines kept sinking American ships.

Wilson's first wife died while he was in office in 1914. He was very sad and lonely until friends introduced him to a widow named Edith Bolling Galt, whom he married in 1915. Wilson suffered a stroke while in office, and the second Mrs. Wilson managed things so well on his behalf that she became known as 'the nation's first lady president.' "

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Trivia Questions:

1. What was one of Woodrow Wilson's nicknames? [Answer: "Schoolmaster in Politics" or "Professor"] 2. What were the names of Woodrow Wilson's children? [Answer: Margaret Woodrow Wilson (1886-1944); Jessie Woodrow Wilson (1887-1933); Eleanor Randolph Wilson (1889-1967)]

Of Note:

Wilson had a herd of sheep graze on the White House lawn to keep the grass trimmed.

Wilson was so golf crazy that he had golf balls painted black in order to play in the snow.


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