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What's important about a homeschool math curriculum

Many parents are afraid to teach their child mathematics. Nevertheless, by choosing the correct math curriculum it would make math enjoyable for their child. So what is the “correct” math curriculum for your kids? Which is the best curriculum and which should they use? These are some questions that homeschooling parents struggle to find answers for.

It is difficult to say what the “correct” curriculum is for your child. Every child learns things differently so it is a trial and error process in finding the right curriculum for your child. But one thing every homeschooling parents should do is to evaluate whether they want a spiral or mastery program for their math curriculum. A spiral program introduces a variety of topics therefore, a new concept is only taught modestly within the day’s lesson. The advantage of the spiral program is that the child can learn a variety of topics within one lesson but the disadvantage is that they may not fully understand a topic when they move onto the next topic. But through continuous review and exposure to the topic, the child will have plenty of opportunity to understand the topic completely. Mastery programs, on the other hand, goes through one topic thoroughly before moving onto the next topic. The advantage of this program is that the child would have a full understanding of the topic but the child may not move to the next lesson as quickly as a child in the spiral program.


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