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Adlai E. Stevenson:
A Vice Presidential Unit

From March 4, 1893 to March 4 1897, Adlai E. Stevenson served as the 23rd Vice President of the United States. Born in Kentucky, Stevenson kept strong ties with the south throughout his political career. He was accepted by the bar and practiced law in Illinois. It was during these years, that he crossed paths with Stephen A. Douglas and Abraham Lincoln, ultimately gaining a negative attitude towards Lincoln. By 1874, Stevenson had gained Democrat support and was elected to be an Illinois Congressman. In 1884, he was appointed assistant Postmaster General by Grover Cleveland and was infamously responsible for the firing of 40,000 Republican employees, all to be replaced by Democrats from the south. Democratic loyalty, such as this was a large reason for Stevenson’s nomination for Vice Presidential candidate, but he was also intended to gather voters with his “free silver” stance. Unlike many of the Vice Presidents before him, Stevenson was noted to enjoy his responsibilities of presiding of the U.S. Senate. After his Vice Presidential term with Cleveland ended, Stevenson was unsuccessful at gaining support for a Presidential nomination and lost the 1900 election as the running mate to William Jennings Bryan. His last attempt at politics was an attempt to become Governor of Illinois, this ended in a narrow defeat. He died at age 78, on June 14, 1914 in Chicago.

Political Party:Democrat

President: Grover Clevelend

Name of his Parents: John Turner Stevenson and Eliza Ewing Stevenson

Spouse(s): Letitia Green

Physical Stature: 6 Feet

Yearly Salary as Vice President: $8,000

State of Birth: Kentucky

Trivia Questions:

1) What is Aldai Stevenson’s grandson famous for?
Two-time Democratic Presidential Canidate

2) What were Stevenson’s two major election losses?
VP - 1900 and Governor of Illinois- 1908

Of Note:

- Stevenson’s support of free silver, eventually caused tension with Grover Clevelend.


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