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Create a Fresco

During the Renaissance period, especially in the Italian Renaissance, artists began experimenting with different mediums and methods to express their creativity. One of the methods they used was to create a Fresco....painting directly onto damp plaster. Examples of this are still on display in many Italian museums today.

Here is a simple version to use in a study of the Renaissance era.

1. Mix a batch of plaster. You can use Plaster of Paris* or patching plaster. Quickly pour into an aluminum pan or into a wood-backed frame. Smooth the surface.

2. When the plaster is almost dry, but still damp, paint with water colors, poster paints, or tempera paints.

As the plaster dries, the pigments from the paint set into it.

*PLEASE NOTE: NEVER pour plaster down the sink or wash buckets or spoons that have plaster on them in the sink!! Plaster sets even under water and will seriously clog your pipes!!


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