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Cast a Faux Alabaster Figure

This is a great project and lots of fun. But, a word or warning, the use of melted paraffin requires adult supervision. The end result of this project can be pretty impressive.

Use this craft along with a study of the Renaissance era, Rome (ancient or otherwise), or art.


2 parts Plaster of Paris
1 part water
mold suitable for plaster casting
paraffin wax
tin can
fine thread or wire


1. Mix plaster of Paris and water together in a bowl. Mix thoroughly and continue to stir until it has a smooth and creamy texture.

2. Pour into a mold. Let set until plaster hardens. Follow directions on package.

3. Cut paraffin into small pieces and put in the tin can. Set can in a pan of hot water over low flame to melt wax. Wax needs to be completely melted and hot. [Note: to melted paraffin, you must used this "double boiler" type set up for safety reasons. Paraffin is flamable.]

4. Remove your plaster cast from its mold.

5. Tie a piece of fine thread or wire around it. Warm cast up in a one hundred degree oven.

6. Holding the warmed up plaster cast by the string or wire, dip it into the melted wax. Continue dipping until plaster of Paris absorbs as much wax as possible.

7. Hang up by string or wire to dry.

8. Remove string or wire. Lightly polish object with a damp cloth.

Do not dispose of left over paraffin or plaster of Paris down plumbing!!! They both will set in water and cause a terrible plumbing problem.


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