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Middle Ages Worksheet #1

This worksheet goes along with a reading of the Newbery Award book "Adam of the Road" by Elizabeth Jane Gray, an excellent book to include in any study of the Middle Ages.

You can use these questions to do several things:
(1) Create interest in the book. You can read some of the questions before you read the book to give them something to look for as they read. The questions can give them a focus.
(2) Use them to spark discussion of the book. This is useful if your child is a verbal or auditory learner and doesnít do well with writing. It also gives the student the opportunity to develop their oral report skills.
(3) These questions also work very well as story starters or writing starters. If you have a child that needs to work on their writing skills, these simple questions will give them something to focus their writing on rather than them becoming frustrated because they donít know what to write about.


1. When and where does the story of Adam of the Road begin?

2. What was Adamís dream since Easter?

3. What is a minstrel? What do they do?

4. What instrument does Adam play?

5. What kind of tricks did Adam start to do when Sir Edmund approached the Abbey?

6. Why did Adam turn cartwheels for joy? Why was he sad at the same time?

7. What was the road to London like? Art roads different today?

8. There is a section in the book about plumbing in the 13th century. How did the plumbing work?

9. What is a quintain?

10. What does tilting mean in the story?

11. Name some sports for young boys mentioned in the book.

12. Describe the streets of London as seen through Adamís eyes. Are the streets of London different today?

13. How does Adam help to catch the robbers?

14. What is a miracle play?

15. What happens to Adam while he is watching a miracle play?

16. When Adam helped his fried Perkin on Perkinís family farm, what does this show about Adamís character? What is character?

17. Why was Adam polite when the miller gave him bagpipes?

18. Think about Adamís story. Do you think Adam remained a minstrel for the rest of his life? Why?

19. Another occupation during the Middle Ages was that of knight. Do you think Adam would have made a good knight? Why?

20. Adam joins a merchantís group. Why? How did he become lost?


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