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Middle Ages Worksheet #2

Armor in the Middle Ages was very expensive. Only full knights could afford a full suit of armor. Horses could also be outfitted with armor. But armor was not just a simple set of clothes, its very complicated. In fact, it took two men to dress a knight in his armor. See if you can identify each piece of armor.

Parts of a suit of armor:

1. Helmet
2. Visor
3. Gorget
4. Shoulder Piece
5. Cuirass
6. Brassard
7. Tasset
8. Gauntlet
9. Coat of Mail
10. Cuisse
11. Elbow Piece
12. Greave
13. Sabaton

Description of each piece:

1. Helmet = metal head covering.
2. Visor = the moveable part of the helmet in front of the eyes.
3. Gorget = a collar of metal that protected the throat.
4. Shoulder Piece = metal that covered the shoulders.
5. Cuirass = a breast plate from the neck to the waist.
6. Brassard = armor that protects the arm.
7. Tasset = overlapping plates of metal that formed a short skirt around the hips.
8. Gauntlet = a glove.
9. Coat of Mail = mesh or net made of small metal rings or links that was worn under the suite of armor. Also known as Chain Mail.
10. Cuisse = a piece of steel that covered the thighs.
11. Elbow Piece = metal piece that covered the knee, but allowed it to bend.
12. Greave = the piece of armor that covered the leg from the ankle to the knee.
13. Sabaton = the armor piece that covered the foot.

Knights could also carry shields, swords, a mace, and other forms of Medieval weaponry.


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