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Another Easy Solar Oven

Here's another very simple, solar oven to use with studies of the sun and/or astronomy, outdoor activities, or recycling and/or alternative fuel sources. Lots of fun and re-usable too. This even works with the very young and older kids can do everything on their own.


Shoebox with a lid
Aluminum foil
Masking tape
A popsicle stick
Hot dogs


1. Line the shoebox and the lid with the aluminum foil. Be sure the shiny side is facing up. Keep the foil very smooth. Tape the foil to the edge of the box.
2. Use the scissors to cut a flap in the lid of the box. It should be one inch from the three sides of the lid. Fold the reflecting lid back so it sticks up. Put tape around the edges of the opening to keep the foil in place.
3. Place the lid on the box. Use the popsicle stick and masking tape to hold the flap open.
4. Place the oven in the sun. Be sure the lid is on the box and the flap is open. The sun rasy should be reflecting into the oven. Place a hot dog or marshmallow on a stick. Hold it in the center of the oven. It could take a while. Be careful, once it is cooked, your piece of food will be hot.

NOTE: You may want to wear sunglasses, a hat, or sunscreen while you are doing this activity especially if you are sensitive to the sun.


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