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Edible Paper

This is a fun craft that is amazingly versatile. You can create edible origami animals. Or, you can liven up a unit study with edible paper dolls. Lots of fun!


a large sheet of rice paper*
two damp towels
exacto knife
peanut oil


1. Cut the sheet to the desired size and shape. Just remember that whatever you cut out needs to fit in your skillet.

2. Put the sheets of paper you cut between the two damp towels for about one and a half minutes (90 seconds). You want it to be pliable enough to shape and bend if you are folding it. Don't soak it too long or it gets rubbery and will not holds its shape.

3. After you have your shape, fry it in the hot peanut oil until it is a nice golden color. This should only take a minute or less.

You can now lightly dust your creation with some powdered sugar, or try a mixture of cinnamon and sugar.

You can find books on origami at the library and in bookstores. Imagine using these as party favors.

*Rice paper can be found in Chinese grocers as well as in some ethnic food sections at your local grocery store.


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