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Eggshell Chalk

There are many ways to recycle egg shells. You can put them in the compost heap.  You can use them to make many gardens.  They are great ground up and put around rose bushes.  But another way to recycle them is to create something for the kids … Eggshell Chalk.


6 clean eggshells
1 teaspoon very hot tap water
1 teaspoon flour


1. Make sure the eggshells are cleaned and well washed.  Then they need to be dried.
2. Take the eggshells outside and grind them up.  You can do this with a mortar and pestle or with a rock … whatever is handy.  Just make sure that whatever surface you are grinding the eggshells on is clean so that you don’t add direct to your powdered shells.   Continue grinding until you get a fine powder.  You’ll need about one tablespoonful of the powder to make one stick of chalk.
3. When you are finished grinding, remove any chunks that are leftover.  No chunks allowed.  If you leave chunks in, you get that “nails across the chalkboard” result when you try and use it.
4. Measure the flour and the hot water into a small bowl.  Stir them together to form a paste.
5. Put the tablespoon of eggshell powder into the paste and mix well.  It will get kind of dry so you can use the back of a spoon or your clean fingers to mash it in good.
6. Shape this mixture into a stick shape.  Roll it up into a piece of paper towel and let it dry.
7. Drying can take up to three days.  It depends on the humidity in your area.  I leave in Florida and it takes at least three days, a friend in Arizona says hers often drys in a single day.

When the chalk is dry, just peel one end of the paper off and go to town on your nearest sidewalk or driveway. 

Note:  this chalk is NOT for black boards or chalkboards.


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