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Fire Breathing Dragon Bookmarks

Here is a fun and easy craft that can be used with a study of dinosaurs, the Middle Ages, or mythological creatures.

Materials Needed:

construction paper
colored pencils
felt-tip marker


1. Cut a strip of construction paper that is approximately one inch by eight inches for each bookmark that you are making.

2. At one end of the strip of construction paper, draw a dragon head with an open mouth. You must use the colored pencils for this drawing.

3. Inside the dragons mouth put a dot of color with the felt-tip marker. You may need to experiment to see how big the dot needs to be based on the type of markers that you are using and whether you are using a fine-tip or wide-tip.

4. Pour one half inch of water into the bottom of the jar.

5. Set the construction paper strip into the water making sure that the dragon head is in the water.

As the construction paper absorbs the water, the dragon's fiery breath will appear. Different colored markers will yield different results. Experiment to chose your favorite or share them with friends.

After the construction paper has been removed from the water and has had time to completely dry, you can laminate or use clear contact paper to protect your work and make it a sturdier bookmark.


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