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Floating Crystals

Here is a fun craft for a science fair project, to use in studying crystals for geology units, or to make a "floating crystal" paperweight.

The crystals look suspended in a gel. You will be working with boiling water, so parental supervision is a "better than good" idea.


package of unflavored gelatin
one cup of water
small jar or large baby food jar and lid


1. Add the package of unflavored gelatin to the cup water in a pot.

2. Heat this mixture just to boiling, stirring constantly. Then turn the heat off, but don't remove from heat.

3. Stir until the gelatin is dissolved.

4. Stir in sugar, one half cup at a time and stirring constantly, until no more sugar will dissolve. This is usually about two and a half to three cups.

5. Pour the clear liquid into the clean, glass jar. Leave the undissolved sugar in the pot. You can use a fine strainer if necessary. Put the lid on and secure.

6. Cool the jar and solution slowly by wrapping the jar in a towel. Leave wrapped until completely cooled.

7. Place the jar where it won't be disturbed. It may take weeks for these crystals to form, but its worth the wait. The more often the jar gets jostled, the longer the crystals will take to form.

This really is a pretty craft....it just takes a while.


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