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Homemade Glitter Wands

Here's a fun treat for the kids -- make a homemade glitter wand!

For science, its a fun example of viscosity.

If you were doing a study of the Arthurian mythology (King Arthur and his knights, etc.), you would also need to cover Merlin. Create your own "magic" wand with these directions.


1/2" clear, rigid aquarium tubing that is 40 inches long. You can also saw it into shorter sections for smaller "wands"
small funnel
corks to fit in the ends of the tube
duct tap or hot glue
thick, clear liquid such as liquid soap or corn syrup
decorations: food coloring, glitter, sequins, seed beads, or pieces of tinsel


1. Cork one end of the tube.

2. Pour thick, clear liquid into the tube using the funnel. Pour slowly or you will have a mess as the air trapped in the wand tries to escape.

3. Add you decorations.

4. Cork the open end of the tube.

5. Clean off any overflow.

6. Secure the corks with hot glue or duct tape.

A variation on this project would be to add to liquids that don't mix such as oil and rubbing alcohol to the same wand.


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