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Inexpensive Oily Soap Paints

Here’s a concoction that feels almost like real oil paints. 

Even though the paints are made of soap, they are strictly meant to use in artwork and not to wash with.  The powdered tempera may stain porous materials such as clothing and skin.


1 tablespoon powdered tempera paint
1 tablespoon liquid dishwashing soap


1. Mix powdered tempera paint and liquid dishwashing soap together with a paint brush, toothpick, popsicle stick, etc.  Continue mixing until the two ingredients are smooth, with no visible streaking.
2. Just like with oil paints, you can blend the various colors of the soap paints to create new colors or shades.

These inexpensive, homemade soap paints substitute well for oil paints with beginner artists.  This gives them the opportunity to get the feel of painting with oils and how to blend these paints, without having to worry about the waste of those expensive little tubes from the art supply store.


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