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Make Homemade Marbled Paper

Ever needed a unique paper for art projects or stationary?  Ever needed something special to print an award or certificate on?  Ever priced those marbled papers?  Whew!  Here is a very simple recipe and art project to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind papers to use for all of your needs.  The kids love making something that is uniquely their own.


For each color
 One tablespoon acrylic paint
 Two tablespoons of water

cup of liquid fabric starch
a flat cooking pan with sides such as a cookie sheet, roasting pan, or tray
paint brush


1. For each color, blend acrylic paint and water and then set aside.
2. Fill the pan with the liquid fabric starch. Use a paintbrush to drop paint mixture onto the starch.  To avoid a yucky, muddy effect only use a couple of colors at a time.
3. Use a clean paint brush to GENTLY swirl the colors across the top of the starch.  DO NOT thoroughly mix as you will lose your effect.
4. Gently lay a sheet of paper on top of the colors.
5. Carefully lift the paper.  The swirls of color will now be on the paper.
6. Set the paper aside to dry, paint side up.
7. Add more paint and repeat these steps to make more marbled paper.

Other ideas:

You can also do this with white paper bags

Try making your own specialty envelopes to go with your stationary.

Use index cards or white cardboard to make a bookmark.


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