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The Floating Egg - Science Magic

This is the first in a series of Science Magic Ė Magic Science.  Ever wondered how those magicians suspended objects in water appears to be plain water?  This experiment illustrates the scientific principles of density and buoyancy.


Clear glass wide mouth jar, vase, or beaker
Tap water
Raw egg
Salt and plenty of it


1. Fill a jar halfway with water.
2. Dissolve plenty of salt in it.  Not so much that it all settles to the bottom, but as close to it as you can get.
3. Now add the same amount of water as you did the first time.  Pour the water carefully over the spoon so that the two liquids donít mix.
4. Carefully place the egg in the jar.

What happens?  The egg remains suspended in the middle of the jar.

Why?  Since the egg is heavier than the plain tap water, but lighter than the salt water on the bottom, it sinks only to the middle of the jar.  The egg is floating on top of the salt water layer.

Variation:   Take a raw potato and cut a round-ish ball.  Add eyes and fins from cellophane.  You now have a magic fish that will float in your secret water.  This goes over big at kidsí parties, especially if you let each child make their own.


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