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Homemade Sidewalk Paint

This environmentally friendly sidewalk paint takes the place of the traditional sidewalk chalk.  Its also very, very inexpensive!  You can make you standard shades of red, green ,yellow, and blue; or, mix and match to create other shades.


cup cornstarch
cup cold water
6 to 8 drops of food coloring


1. Put cornstarch in a small plastic bowl and gradually stir in the cold water.
2. Add your desired food coloring and stir.
3. If the paint still feels too dry, just add a little more water until you get the consistency you prefer.
4. Repeat the process to create different colors.

This sidewalk paint washes off very easily and will not harm plumbing or plants cornstarch is all natural and biodegradable.

Because this paint is so inexpensive, you can use it to paint larger canvases of art compared with traditional sidewalk chalk which is quickly used up.  You can also get more detail in the pictures by using different sized paint brushes.

If you mix these in small, recycled butter tubs or other airtight containters, you should be able to keep the leftover sidewalk paint from one project to the next assuming there is any left.  If you find that the sidewalk paint has gotten a little dry, just add water to get the desired consistency.


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