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Simulated Snow

This is a very simple recipe. Just remember to use soap powder, not soap detergent. I've used it to add details to relief maps, dioramas, etc. I also used this same recipe to decorate Christmas ornaments and winter decorations.


2 parts soap powder, such as Ivory Snow (note: it must be soap powder, not soap detergent)
1 part warm water
large bowl
electric or hand mixture*


1. Mix soap powder and water in a large bowl.

2. Beat thoroughly until all is of the same consistency...minimize the lumps and bumps.

Spread mixture like icing wherever you want it. It dries to a smooth, rubbery surface overnight...longer if it is very humid or cold.

*I have an old, manual egg beater that I keep on hand for craft projects. You could also check out flea markets or yard sales to find an old, electric mixer or blender that you could keep on hand for this purpose.


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