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Homemade Inexpensive Soap Crayons

Have you priced those fancy soap crayons lately?  That is when you can find them someplace other than those fancy gift catalogs where they are even more expensive.  Here is a recipe to costs little or nothing, is fun, and will let your child play to their heartís content.  And you donít have to freak if they forget and leave them in the bathwater where they dissolve just like a bar of soap.

They are also a good way to introduce good cleanliness habits and a fun way to get them to wash the shower walls and tub when they are finished with their own bath or shower.


1 cup of pure soap flakes (Dreft is one name brand)
food coloring (liquid not paste)
2 tablespoons of hot water


Have one large bowl and several small bowls.  You should have a small bowl for each food coloring you plan to use.
You will also need an ice cube tray or other mold with separate sections.  A cute idea here is to use candy molds and make your crayons into various shapes.

1. Put soap flakes in the large bowl.
2. Drop the hot water into the soap flakes, stirring constantly.  The mixture will be extremely thick and will be very hard to stir.
3. Spoon some of the soap mixture into each small bowl.  Add you food coloring by drops, stirring constantly until the soap mixture attains the consistency of very thick school paste.
4. Press the colored soap mixture into the molds.  Set aside and allow them to dry and harden.  This can take a few days to a week, depending on the temperature and humidity in your area.
5. After they are dry, pop them out of the molds and let dry a few more days before you use them.

This will make 15 to 25 crayons, it depends on the size molds that you use.  Most ice cube trays make about 20 crayons.  Candy molds will make more because they are generally smaller in size.

Have fun with this.  Another idea is to save your old candy box and refill it with soap crayons shaped like candies.  This makes a cute birthday present for a child.


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