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Styrofoam Tray Shrinks

This is a fun and cool craft that is so versatile that the possibilities are almost limitless on how you can use it. You can cut out almost shape imaginable. You can use shapes and write on them with permanent markers. Just let your imagination take wing. Great for children’s parties, clubs, scouts, church groups, homeschool co-ops …. You name it! Have fun, this is so inexpensive that its worth trying even if its only once.

Shrinky Dinks Using Stryofoam Trays

Supplies Needed:
Styrofoam tray(s) (cleaned with soap and water)*
brown paper bag

1. Make sure that if you are using recycled styrofoam trays that you have washed them with soap and dried them well.
2. Very Important: Work in a well ventilated room, you can open the windows or do this outdoors.
3. Cut out shapes from meat Styrofoam tray.
4. Decorated with permanent markers.
5. Place on piece of brown paper bag and put into toaster oven or regular oven.
6. Cook at 300 degree F for a few seconds. (You may need to adjust the time or temperature. You can watch the shapes curl, distort and eventually flatten (& stop their transformation) through the window. Then take them out.

*You can also try melting a Styrofoam cup to make a hat.


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