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The Amazing Egg Part 2

This is a continuation of a science experiment entitled "The Amazing Egg Part I". Now we are going to learn about molecules and membranes by trying to shrink the Amazing Egg.


The Amazing Egg from the experiment entitled “The Amazing Egg Part I
Jar with a lid (old mayonnaise or peanut butter jar)
Corn syrup


1. Pour the corn syrup into the jar until it is at least three inches deep, but don’t fill the jar completely.

2. Gently place the egg in the jar and then screw on the lid.

3. Leave the egg in the jar for three days.

4. Check the egg every once in a while. What is happening... anything?

5. After the three days have passed, remove the egg from the jar very carefully. Measure around its middle.

What happened?

The egg shrinks and wrinkles up. It becomes small and rubbery.

Why? The water molecules inside the egg move through the egg’s membrane and into the corn syrup. The corn syrup does not move into the egg because its molecules are too big to fit through the tiny holes in the membrane. Particles move in and out of your body’s cells in this same way.


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