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Waterproof Glue


2 envelopes (1/2 oz.) unflavored gelatin (like Knox)
3 tablespoons of cold water (must be cold)
3 tablespoons skim milk (must be skim milk)
several drops of oil of cloves (optional)


1. In a small bowl, sprinkle the gelatin over the cold water. Set it aside until the gelatin has softened.

2. Heat the skim milk to boiling point and pour into the softened gelatin. [It won't take long to bring three tablespoons of milk to boiling, so watch carefully.] Stir until gelatin is dissolved.

3. Add the oil of cloves as preservative if you don't plan to use the glue up in one day.

Yields about one-third cup of glue.

How to use this glue:

Use this glue while it is still warm by brushing a thin layer on objects to be glued. This works best when you are glue decorations onto glass.

If you are gluing marbles together or glueing metal to metal, use the glue after it has gelled (cooled).

My friend used this recipe to glue an antique cup and saucer back together. The cup is still usable.


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