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Colonial Cooking - Homemade Sausage

Food was one of the primary concerns for colonial and pioneer families, it usually came after water and before shelter as a priority. There were months on end that fresh food was unavailable so they needed methods for storing it. Meat preservation was sometimes a problem, you had to be very careful about it spoiling and making the family ill. One of the ways that meat could be stored was by smoking or canning it. And they used every scrap of the animal too! Small scraps were usually used in sausage Ö why not try and make your own?! Itís a great activity for the kids.

Sausage was a food served year round and not just for breakfast. Wash hands very thoroughly before and during this activity!


1 pound lean ground pork*
Ĺ t. salt
Ĺ t. ground black pepper
1 t. ground sage
1 t. fennel seeds


1. In a large bowl, combine all ingredients and mix well. You will probably have to use your hands.
2. Divide the mixture into patties of your preferred size Ö small to large. This recipe should make about seven 4Ē patties.
3. In a skillet, cook patties over medium heat.
4. Cook about 4 minutes per side, brown and crisp.
5. IMPORTANT: donít make your sausage patties too thick and make sure that are thoroughly cooked in the center.

*You can also use ground venison. Iíve also heard of people using ground turkey and ground beef, but it doesnít come out quite the same.


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