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Mini Unit: Genealogy

Genealogy is defined as the study of family relations. This can be a wonderful unit to share with your child and can help introduce the concept of history; or, can be used to make the concept of history more applicable to their own life.

Some very simple activities are:

1. Learn the meaning of your first name.
2. Compare naming traditions in your family, in your country or ethnic group, or in other countries or religions.
3. Make up a name for yourself.
4. Uncover the origins of your last name.
5. Illustrate you name.
6. Count the members of your family.
7. Write a short essay on your grandparentsí lives.
8. Start a family history scrapbook.
9. Make a scrapbook for yourself.
10. Chart your family tree. Include a pedigree chart and/or a family group sheet.
11. Design a family crest or find out if your family already has one.
12. If your family, or a branch of your family, spoke a language other than what they currently speak (e.g., English vs. Spanish) try learning to say some common phrases.

Some websites that you might be interested at looking at are:
Family Search


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