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Spool-A-Word Game

This is a wonderfully fun game for teaching sight words, reading, and spelling. The child can spin the spools independently of one another and create words or make up their own words.


Empty wood or plastic thread spools
Permanent markers
Dowel rod or unsharpened pencil


1. Using a blue marker, write the letters s, r, l, g, and f around the first spool

2. Around the second spool, write the letters a, e, i, o, and u in red.

3. Around the third spool, write the letters n, t, d, p, and b in blue.

4. Put the spools, in order, on the dowel rod or unsharpened pencil.

5. Turn the spools to form a word.

You can make additional spools with different letters if you like and make longer words or use the spools interchangeably. You can have a game by seeing how many words you can make vs. how many words another person can make.


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