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Colonial Cooking:
Sausage & Apple Rings

Here is a modernized recipe for a popular dish used during the Colonial and Pioneer periods of the USA. You can still find this dish on the breakfast table in some areas of the country today.

Sausage and Apple Rings

Core unpared, firm apples and cut into rings about " thick. Shape sausage meat into patties. [Note: you can use the Homemade Sausage recipe from the Article Archive if you wish.]Fry in skillet over slow heat until well done. Put on heated platter and set aside. Leave about one half inch of fat in skillet and pour off remainder, then put in the apple rings. Sprinkle with brown sugar and cinnamon, turning frequently. Cover pan for a few minutes to soften apples , then remove lid and cook until rings have a rich glaze. Serve on platter with the sausages.


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