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Pioneer & Native American Cooking:
Parched Corn

Candy stores were few and far between for pioneers on the western edge of civilization in early America. It was a luxury that usually could only be afforded a few times a year by many. Here's a modernized version of a treat made from dried corn. You can sometimes still find packages of parched corn in your grocery store in the nut and sunflower section. They are often called "corn nuts."

Parched Corn

Grease a little bread pan and place on back of stove to keep warm, then shell enough ears of dried corn to fill the pan about two-thirds full of the kernels. Add a heaping tablespoon butter and a sprinkle of salt, place pan in moderately hot oven and bake about 10 minutes. Open door, pull pan out on door and stir thoroughly, lifing all kernels about so will not burn. Return to oven and cook a little longer and then repeat the stirring. By third or fourth time the kernels should be getting a medium brown all over. Some of the grains may even pop like popcorn. If so, the corn is done. If it is still tough keep cooking and stirring. Pour into a mixing bowl to cool, then start enjoying it. There is no describing the taste and flavor.


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