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Pioneer Cooking: Clabber Milk Cheese

Cheesemaking was one of the wifely duties of a pioneer woman. You couldn't exactly run to the dairy market and purchased sliced cheese for sandwiches.

The next several entries in the Pioneer Cooking series will be various cheese recipes. Some are more difficult than others, but you should try at least one of them just for fun.

Clabber Milk Cheese

This cheese has been known by two other names as well, Schmierkase and “Smearcase.” Place ˝ gallon sour milk (not buttermilk) in a enamel double boiler and heat to lukewarm (not more than 85 degrees) until it becomes thick clabber. Let stand over the lukewarm water until curds and whey separate, then pour into a colander and drain off the whey. When well drained pour inot cartons, add one tablespoon thick sweet cream, cover and use as regular packaged cottage cheese.


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