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Pioneer Cooking: Homemade Yellow Cheese

Homemade Yellow Cheese

Place one gallon sweet whole milk and four rennet tablets in a large kettle and let get warm over low blaze (never boil). Remove to back of stove, keep warm until sours (like thick clabber). Have adoube cloth cover a mixing bowl (and tied around it securely) and pour the clabber curd onto the double cloth and let drain for over an hour. Lift cloth and curds over another bowl and with fingers work out as much whey as possible, then sprinkle lightly with teaspoon salt. Next lift the cloth of curds to dough-board, and with fingers mix in equal parts of sweet cream butter (say one cup butter to one cup curds). Keep working the curds and butter together, adding from time to time one tablespoon of thick seet cream to make it pliable but not too soft. When about the right thickness add one drop yellow food coloring and keep working. Have a medium size cheesecloth (double) bag made and waiting. With the hands press the cheese mixture into the bag, pressing down firmly. Dip the bag into ice water and press even more firmly. Set the bag in a cool place to TWO days. By that time it should be ripened a little, so rub some thick cream onto the bag (which should be on a platter) and around and under it. Leave for several days until really ripens.


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